An interesting Apple watch designed by Todd Hamilton

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iWatch Concept

Every time a new Apple product is teased (or rumored), the large Apple fan base go crazy about it and folks are starting to prepare their budget in advance in order to get their hands on that shiny product as soon as it’s launched. The iWatch was first rumored one year ago on most web magazines, and it created a ripple that couldn’t be missed by smartphone manufacturers. I felt the taste of disappointment when I saw no iWatch release in September 2013, not even a word about it. Maybe it was too soon, maybe the market was not ready for it, maybe Apple needed more time in order to create an innovative product that will rise to the company’s standard. But things didn’t stop there. Samsung tested the waters with its Galaxy Gear, a smartphone that was pretty nice, but still needed a lot of work. And the fact that’s compatible only with Samsung smartphone was definitely a feature that I didn’t love. Later on, a friend of mine asked me to try another smartwatch called Pebble. I have to admit, I like it more than the Samsung’s Gear, it had a better design and the overall feeling was superior to Gear. We’ll probably see a release of the second (upgraded) version of Galaxy Gear in the following months, but I still wonder how the iWatch will look like….

iWatch Concept Design

This concept design is created by Todd Hamilton, a user interface designer from San Francisco, CA. I’ve seen some of his work, and he has the talent and the vision for this job. This concept design envisions an Apple device that’s slimmer than previous iWatch concepts, looking as a glamorous tech bracelet. It features a stripped-down version of iOS 7 and it has all the basic features that are also present in current iPhones. Besides the usual functions like making a call and read messages, this iWatch concept allows the user to watch images streamed from the iPhone (or iCloud), to use special apps like Weather app, Nike+ Running App and even Music player app. Also, you can ask Siri for information in the same manner you would do it on your smartphone. If a product like this will ever be released, I’m sure that the developers will provide a large package of additional apps available for it.

In the following video you’ll see a small demo of how the iWatch interface works and how it feels. You’ll probably notice that the iOS 7 style is perfectly implemented, it works flawlessly and the quality of the curved display is outstanding. This concept design meets the high standards of every Apple product released so far, it’s not boring like other devices that are currently on the market and it offers everything you need in a smart watch.

Seeing the 10 seconds demo is just enough for me to understand that such smart watch could become reality one day in the near future, since all the technology for it is already here. I’m not talking about levitating vehicles, but rather about the actual trends of 2014: curved displays with high resolution, powerful processors and complete portability.

What’s your take on this concept design? Would you buy this watch?

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