Layla Headphones in Gold Review

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If you are tired of all these cheap imitations and you are bored with headphones having the same dull design then you should definitely try Layla from Frends, the hand crafted headphones that are inspired by jewelry. These headphones are not for everyone, since they are made of sensible white leather and yellow gold. You may ask why they’ve chosen to use the gold plating? Because gold is getting back in fashion trends of 2014, so if you manage to get these headphones you’ll have more than a pair of high-quality listening devices: you’ll have a fashion item that makes a statement about you!

Layla Headphones in Gold by Frends 2

The headphones were designed with care, the ear cushions have their own memory and you will immediately notice the quality of leather padded and the softness of the fabric cord.


The Layla Headphones features three control buttons for volume, music and phone control. The connector plug is resistant at shocks and you can rotate it at 90 degrees. As expected, the device is compatible with most smartphones and tablets today, so you can take them wherever you go. Layla headphones are priced for under $200 on Amazon.

Layla Headphones in Gold by Frends 4

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