I’m not a gamer, but still.. I play games

I was into computers way before the first Pentiums. I remember we would play on my old Commodore games like Barbarian: The Ultimate Warrior or Last Ninja 2. Men, I love those times. After that I remember I got into consoles. Atari was cool, but my parents decided to buy me a Nintendo. I played super Mario for over a year. I can still remember some Marion cheats to this day. After the Super Marion age, I played on my cousin’s Pentium I. Back in those days there were many games available for it, but the one I loved the most was Death Rally. I can still play that game for hours, even today. It was 16MB of pure fun. When I was 14 I got my first real computer. I was a hardcore Starcraft player before that, but somehow I forgot about my love for this game. It was an AMD K6-2 clocked at 400mhz. I thought it was fast as a starship, but compared to today’s technology, it was slower than the smartphone in my pocket. I can still recall the first game I ever played on it: Quake 3. After this, I went straight to Half Life 1. It was mind blowing and one of the first games that freaked me out when I was playing it at night time. At that time I was still playing Quake 2 in multiplayer mode. I was getting pretty good at Q2. At the same time I was getting into NFS Porsche. Is there anyone that still remember that game?

Anyway, by the time I was 20 I went back to the roots and I was playing only Starcraft 1 with my friends. We discovered BattleNet and we played almost everyday. I was getting pretty good at this game (I still am). Anyway, when I was 23 I got my first PS2. I was a little late since the PS3 was just released, but I still enjoyed God of War 2. I still believe to this day that is the best game ever. I was so amazed by it the first moment I’ve played it. The level details and the story was better than everything I’ve played before. I finished the game in two days and it took me extra two days for playing the first episode of the game, God of War 1. Right now I’m the proud owner of a Xbox 360 gaming console. I loved Gears of War 2 and I’m still playing Soul Calibur and Fifa 2010 with my friends. The game industry changed so much and I just can’t stop wondering what’s the future holding for us. With the release of Xbox One, I think that soon I may get into the next generation of gaming console.

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