Microsoft will replace the Xbox One consoles with malfunctions

Last Friday, the Xbox One console was released all over the world and fans gathered to buy their favorite gaming station. Taking Xbox history into consideration, I was expecting some sort of hardware problems with this release and it seems I was right: some buyers had found that their disk drive does not work properly. Microsoft acknowledged the problem and they are ready to take action in order to fix it.

Xbox One was quickly embraced by the users, since 1 million units were sold in the first 24 hours. But some of these consoles produced curious sounds when inserting a disc. These annoying sounds were anything but sweet to the ear of the gamer. In addition to the sounds, the faulty consoles were not able to read the content on the discs. As a Xbox fan, all I can say is that this is embarrassing. And what’s even worse, Microsoft had remained silent throughout the weekend, until they finally decided to release a statement regarding the issue. As expected, Microsoft will replace all defective Xbox One consoles unconditionally and free of charge. In order to perform this task, Microsoft will use a special service program that will be up and ready as soon as possible. Microsoft has added that according to their knowledge, a very limited number of consoles has been affected by this hardware problem.

I remember that annoying glitch on first generation of Xbox 360, the famous Red Ring of Dead. I think there is an actual problem in the Microsoft testing department, since this is the second time they messed things up with a new model of consoles. Microsoft has also added that all defective Xbox One, whatever their problems may be, would be replaced. This comes to meet other complains that were spotted by the users. Some Xbox One owners have noticed that their power supply was either defective or simply missing.

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