Amazon wants to deliver your purchases in 30 minutes by drone

Amazon is going for big things in the near future. Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s CEO, just unveiled a new project launched by Amazon. They are going to deliver the purchased items by drones. This new service will be named Prime Air.

Amazon Prime Air Drone

Bezos introduced this novelty at the 60 Minutes interview on CBS. The version of the drone that will be used in this project is called “octocopter”. According to Bezos, the Amazon drones could become operational in 4-5 years, depending in part by the Federal Authority for Transport.

Although this may seem like SciFi tech, in fact it’s not. The Amazon drones could carry boxes weighing up to 2.3 kg, covering 86% of total Amazon deliveries. So far, this futuristic type of delivery is expected to be implemented only in US. There are still many things to be resolved, like how the drones will deliver through the skyscraper of a large city like New York. Another issue to address is the the proliferation of weapons in the United States. I’m sure that there will be some malicious people that will try to retrieve packages for free. The drones need to fly pretty high in order to avoid such issues.

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