5 Cool modded controllers for Playstation 3

I know that this collection of cool modified controllers for Playstation 3 may be old news since the PS4 is already on the market, but folks didn’t have enough time to mod their PS4 controllers. So, until I’ll find reasonable PS4 modded controllers to create another post, we’ll have to live with these ones:

HKS Racing Controller
source: www.tomsguide.com

Evil Controllers
The red evil controller
source: www.evilcontrollers.com

PS3 Chrome Modded Controller
source: www.ms4r.com

PS3 Gold Modded Controller
source: www.modzlab.com

red modded controller
Einstein Black & Red modded controller
source: www.einsteinmodz.com

Do you have any other suggestions? Let me know!

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