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The best camera apps for iPhone

Posted In Gadgets - By Don Hallow On Wednesday, January 15th, 2014 With 0 Comments

I have tried every photo app from Apple Store, and I want to share you my findings. Although there are plenty of apps for doing different things, I ultimately believe that only three are worth to be mentioned here: Camera+, Scout and LensFlare. Yes, this top may be light weighted for some users, I decided to give you the best of everything, without the additional dirt.

Camera+ app

This is the best photo manipulation app I’ve seen for iPhone. Period! This photo app has just enough camera modes, scenes and filters to transform a normal photo taken with your iPhone into a professional movie poster. The last version added extra manipulations and fine tuning features packed in The Lab. I also like the timer function of the app and the stabilizer mode. Too bad there is no way to take pictures in 16:9 format (there is only a square mode).

Scout Camera App

Scout Camera
The second app, Scout, has a feature that I really missed in the default camera app: 16:9 crop live. It allows you to take pictures directly in the 16:9 format without affecting the quality of the image. More than that, this cool app allows you to add live filters to your image. What can be better than that?

There is a flare effect on Camera+, but LensFlare app takes things to a whole new level. You can manipulate different types of lights and you can use multiple layers of flares and artificial lights. There are few image filters available, but I would not advise you to use them if you plan to get the best results. If you want great filters, get the Camera+ app and apply the filters there, and after that use this LensFlare app to add complex lights and flares to your images.

There are many apps to try if you are into iPhoneography, some are free some are paid. Although you have to spent few bucks to get these three apps, I definitely think they are the absolute best camera apps for iPhone because all together, they give you everything you need: self timer, image modes, great filters and amazing lights. If you plan to manipulate images on your iPhone, you will probably discover that Camera+ is the ultimate solution. Sometimes, I forget about the apps installed on my PC and I transfer the images to my iPhone, where I manage to edit everything in seconds. That’s the power of hardware technology combined with great app development.

image source: www.lifeinlofi.com, www.newiphoneclub.com

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