The lock with fingerprint scanner

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When Apple introduced the iPhone 5S with its innovative Touch ID, it started a trend. Don’t get me wrong, the fingerprint scanner was out in the wild for a while, implemented in laptops and other similar devices. But when it was added as a main feature on the 5s, everyone wanted a piece of it. This device is called iFingerLock Fingerprint Biometric Padlock and it’s exactly that: a lock with a fingerprint scanner. It’s perfect for any indoor locker or chests, it can store up to 10 passwords and it’s really durable (made of Zinc alloy body and stainless steel shackle). You can add one administrator fingerprint and 9 other common users. It’s powered by 2AAA batteries, and the manufacturer promises that it will store the fingerprints even after the battery it’s depleted (I guess it holds a small memory card inside).

Fingerprint Locker

If you want to buy this cool lock with fingerprint scanner, you should head over to Amazon and check some reviews and the prices.

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