The best car racing games of 2014

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The car racing games are the gamers’ favorite picks, and they have a very broad audience all over the globe. Let’s face it, we love cars, and most of us dream of driving a race car designed by Ferrari, Porsche or Lamborghini. Although we can find great racing games for all platforms, the PC users need to buy a Xbox or PlayStation console if they want to play games like Forza Motorsport or Gran Turismo.

This year comes with at least few car racing games that caught my attention, not only because they are new in this category, but it also because they promises a drop of originality. Let’s see some of this titles, along with their trailers and gameplays.

Need For Speed: Rivals

Need For Speed ​​remains the most popular series of car racing games for PC. The last game takes place in the fictional town called Redview County and it allows you to get into the role of a racer or a cop. Let the race begin!

Grid 2

If you want to drive with style in a classic car, you should definitely check the Grid 2 racing game released by Codemasters. The game is a sequel to the Race Driver: Grid that was released back in 2008. Here’s your chance to get into the cockpit of old cars and drive through various real villages on Earth.


The release of the official World Rally Championship game marks the episode 4 in the series and it allows the player to experience the complete 2013 season of the competition. This is not your typical racing game, because there is a limited number of cars for you to choose (16), but the experience will definitely balance the equation. You will race through the streets of Monte Carlo, the snowy roads of Sweden and at altitudes above 2,800 meters in Mexico. Obviously, one of the strong points of the game is that it include pilots, teams and real rally, with a total of 78 special stages.

F1 2014

This is the official Formula 1 game and it allows you to taste the adrenaline of a racing driver in the 2014 season of Formula 1. You can compete with any of the 22 pilots and you will probably try to beat Sebastian Vettel and his Red Bull Racing during the 19 races of the season.

The Crew

This is a game that introduces two new and attractive elements in the car racing games market. The first is the open space world with the opportunity to explore the terrain all over the United States without the imposed rules (circuit configuration), while the second refers to the ability to form teams that battle for supremacy on the many trails available in the game.

Project Cars

Slightly Mad Studios promises to take the technology one step further and to release the most realistic racing car simulator on the market. According to the manufacturer, the game will feature unparalleled graphics. At first glance, it might seem like a haphazard assertions, but let’s not forget that this game is created by the same studio that brought us the two Shift games from the Need for Speed ​​series. Beside the teaser/trailer video, there are not many details revealed, except that the game will have 60 cars and 35 tracks.

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