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The best microphones for a home studio on the market

Posted In Gadgets - By Don Hallow On Monday, June 30th, 2014 With 2 Comments

Summer vacation is here and I thought it would be a great idea to share few awesome gadgets that are of great interest for people interested in recording music at home. I’m talking about those music fans just like me who want to take things one step further and record their own songs, with their own voice.

Building a home recording studio is not difficult since the technology is really affordable these days, but you still need to have the minimum knowledge on the matter so you can decide on which type of equipment to choose and how much money should you spend on your hobby. If you read at least one article on how to build a home recording studio, you know that beside the laptop/PC, the recording software and the audio interface, you also need a great condenser microphone. In this article, I’m going to focus on some of the best microphones that you can buy this year, affordable microphones that will elevate the audio quality of your recordings. Here are the best picks that I usually recommend to my friends…

MXL 770 Condenser Microphon

MXL 770 Condenser Microphone

Every time I consider buying a home studio microphone (or a new gadget), I always read the review before looking at the price tag. That’s the case with this affordable mic that offers most of the MXL sonic characteristics that made the brand famous over the years. You can use it for a wide dynamic range thanks to the FET preamp, but you can also cut the bass or use the -10db pad. And everything under $80…

AT2020 USB Condenser microphone

AT2020 Condenser Studio Microphone

I’ve been using this affordable microphone for couple of years and I have to say that I’m very pleased with it. The price / performance ratio is definitely unbeatable, and under $100 you will not find a better deal. As its description suggests, AT2020 is ideal for home studio applications, and if you manage to combine it with a great audio interface (like Focusrite Saffire or M-Audio), you can create songs at a quality that will compete with the ones produced in studios worth thousands of dollars. If you want to invest in a better mic, you should check the AT2035 or AT4040.

Rode NT1A condenser microphone

Rode NT1a

In my opinion, this was the best home studio microphone of last year, and I believe it can easily won this year’s 1st place. According to most users, the microphone features low-levels of self noise (5 dB), wide dynamic range and it has just enough features to be the best in its $200 class.

Honorable mention

Blue Microphones Yeti USB Microphone

Although most professional musicians avoid talking about USB mics when they enumerate their favorite recording gear, I want to let you know that this microphone is definitely worth the trouble of considering it for your setup. More than that, hearing some samples recorded with this microphone will probably amaze you like it did for me. The sound captured by this device is crystal clear and the features are unbeatable for the price (tri-capsule array, multiple pattern selection, gain control, mute button and zero-latency headphone output). Everything for under $100.

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