7 tech myths that are actually false

As we are becoming more dependent on technology, many false opinions about it rise on the internet and most users are getting confused about all these mixed information. Since we are surrounded by all these gadgets, there are question we should definitely ask, but we should not haste to embrace the first answers that we get and take our time to get the full picture.

Here’s a list of myths that you no longer need to think about, because they are actually false:

1. Browsing the Internet by using your browser in incognito mode means you are anonymous. Well, not really. All it means is that your browser will not retain any information. But your ISP and the websites will know who you are and what you do…

2. If you leave your smartphone to charge overnight, the battery will wreck and it will affect its life. Wrong! Most gadgets are smart enough and stop charging when the battery reaches 100%.

3. Mac computers do not get viruses. That’s not true. A Trojan virus has infected thousands of computers back in 2012.

4. A higher screen resolution is always better when it comes to smartphones. Nope. The human eye fails to distinguish the differences when the pixel density is higher than 300ppi.

5. Do not charge the phone or laptop unless the battery is down to 0. It is recommended to use this technique, but only once a month. In all other cases, you should charge the smartphone or laptop when it’s around 20%-40%. This way you will get more life cycles from your battery.

6. More megapixels mean a better image quality. Well, no! What’s important is the size of the pixel, not how many pixels there are. That’s why HTC One produces great images and it has only 4 megapixels.

7. Password-protected Wi-Fi networks are safe. This reminds me of that quote from The Usual Suspects: “the finest trick of the devil is to persuade you that he does not exist”. You got the analogy, right? There is no safe Wi-Fi, especially if it’s public.

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