New gadgets will pack better batteries

Graphene Battery

Let’s face it: we love our gadgets, but no matter how many features there are packed under that case, they are far from perfect. One of the reasons people complain about their gadgets is the battery. Now, a discovery that is centered around a miracle material can give an answer to this great problem.

Researchers at the Italian Institute of Technology have succeeded in designing and producing a new type lithium-ion battery that is 25% more efficient than those found on the market now. In their finding, they were able to exploit the electrical conductivity of graphene and to elevate it to an unprecedented scale.

The material called graphene is derived from graphite and it was first isolated in 2004 by physicists Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov. In 2010, they won the Nobel Prize for this important discovery. Since then, researchers around the world have tried to discover new ways to use graphene in order to improve current technology.

There are other scientists who have used graphene in order to create better batteries, but this research brings important results – 25% improvements.

The secret lies in the way the graphene is obtained. The Italians have combined it with an organic solution using ultrasound technology. The final compound was a type of graphene ink that can be easily applied on copper, without requiring any additional treatment.

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