Overwatch: Blizzard’s New Game is here (trailer and gameplay)


Blizzard finally decided to part ways for a short period of time with the RPG and strategy genre and it hopes to penetrate the PvP shooter genre with the new Overwatch, a game that promises a lot judging by the Pixar like trailer that you are about to see here:

As you’ve already noticed, the concept of Overwatch is similar to Team Fortress 2, a game that’s really hot right now. You get a chance to meet all the characthers in a gameplay trailer released by Blizzard:

Right now, the team-based shooter market is dominated by two titles, Battlefield Heroes (EA) and Team Fortress 2 (Valve). I like Overwatch, and I think that many fans of the genre will also appreciate it. The game takes place in a near future where players can form teams consisting of six members each, and they will face the enemy team in various locations such as London or Egypt. Do you like it?

Blizzard Overwatch Game

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