Romain Jerome x The Dark Knight DNA Watch

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Batman Dark Knight Watch

Batman is one of the most beloved heroes of all time, Gotham’s vigilante that’s on a never-ending quest to clean his city from evil. The hero is enigmatic, always focused and his biggest strength is probably his intelligence. As you’ve probably guessed so far, Batman is my all time favorite, so you can imagine my surprise when I saw this cool watch. The Romain Jerome x The Dark Knight DNA Watch was meant to e a tribute to Gotham’s Super Hero, and it is inspired by the Dark Knight most iconic logo: the bat. Don’t get the story twisted, this is not child’s watch, but rather an unique timepiece built with the best materials money can buy.

The black and blue theme works perfectly, and the RJ logo is applied on the dial. The hand indicators features the Super Luminova glow and the watch is resistant up to 30m under water.

It costs “only” $18,500

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