How to fix Android PC stick stuck at loading screen

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I am reopening a topic that was introduced back in February about Android PC Sticks, and today I will add a short tutorial on how to fix your MK808b (or any other Android Stick) that’s stuck on book or that’s bricked.

The other day, my MK808b froze on loading screen, after a forceful shutdown. It was my fault actually, because instead of using the power adapter that came with the stick I managed to insert the power cable (which is a normal USB cable) into my HDTV. In other words, I was powering the MK808b Android PC directly from my TV. When I was powering on the TV, the Android PC got the power juice. But the same thing was hapenning when I was powering off the TV: the stick got no electric power, so it “dropped dead” (which is not recommended). Normally, before shutting down the TV, I had the press the shut-down button from the MK808’s interface. But, as I was saying, the other day I haven’t done that, and somehow, I messed the Android install from the stick. Here’s what I did in order to repair it.

1. I made sure that it was an OS problem. I removed all the peripherals: the SD card, the attached USB memory stick. I switched to the original power supply that came with the stick. Finally, I powered on the stick. All these failed for me, but if you are facing the same problem, you should definitely give them a try before continuing with this tutorial.

2. You need to restore the firmware. First, get the official MK808b firmware image from here. Get the RockChip Batch Tool with drivers from here.

3. Start the RockChip Batch Tool software downloaded in previous step

4. Prepare to connect the Android PC stick to the laptop/PC via the OTG port. You need to enable the service-mode by pressing the button hidden in the pinhole that’s symmetric to the blue-light when inserting the USB cord into PC. Check this video for additional details. ps: Do not insert anything into the blue-light hole. It’s the other hole!

5. When you insert the device in “Service mode”, the PC/laptop will recognize it but you will need the drivers. Find them in the RockChip Batch Tool folder (32/64 bit, according to your OS version)

6. When the driver is installed, the Batch Tool service app should recognize the Android stick. You will see a green light somewhere in the main interface. From here, the process is really simple. Just add the firmware image downloaded at step 2 by pressing “Browse” button and then press Restore/Upgrade button. Wait for the process to complete, you will receive a message.

7. If everything went smooth, you should have a newly Install on your Android PC Stick and it should boot properly. Wait for couple of minutes at first boot, it will take some time.


8. If you get a red message like “Download Failed” or your blue-light LED is not powering and the stick fails to boot when you connect it to your TV, it is probably bricked. Don’t worry, It happened to me and you can recover from this. You need to reset the NAND memory. Now, there are two ways to do that. This tutorial involves opening the stick and making a short-circuit between two pins. It’s complicated, and it should be your last resort. Instead, I recommend using RK Rom Dumper and Flasher for Windows (download it from here). Start the app. Connect the stick by performing the same actions from Step4. When the device is connected, you should get a “Your device is connected message” (or something similar). Look for “Erase Flash” button and press it. It should reset the stick, and you should be able to perform the Firmware install.

That’s it! You can also use the same 1-7 step process to upgrade to a new Android version (from 4.1 to 4.2.2).

If you have any additional details, please reply to this post.

Later edit: after experiencing this issue for couple of time, I have decided to upgrade my old MK808B to a new Android TV Box. After searching for the best options on the market, I have settled on H96 Pro+ Android Box. It features 4K resolution, 3GB of RAM and 32GB internal storage.

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