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Windows 10 was just introduced to the world, and it’s free. Cortana and XBox app come to PC, the end of Internet Explorer and a tease on Microsoft’s virtual reality project

Posted In Technology - By Don Hallow On Saturday, January 24th, 2015 With 1 Comment

windows 10 release

I know, that title is really long. Last night, Microsoft just held an epic keynote, introducing their plans for the next period of time. In short, Microsoft decided to take over the world of technology, attacking the software and hardware fronts in the same time. Although we weren’t able to see demos for everything we hoped for, the keynote really made an impression of me. The biggest news is that Windows 10 will be free for most users. If you are a Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows Phone 8.1, or Windows RT user then you will be able to upgrade for free (in the first year). Microsoft learned a thing or two from Apple in this regard, and it switch the approach of their popular OS. Windows 10 is regarded more as a service than as a product.

PCs will get smarter. In the same keynote, it was unveiled that Cortana will come to PCs, allowing the user to perform various tasks by using their voices. Pretty cool…

The magical moment of the show was Microsoft’s holographic helmet, a device that could change the face of the technology as we know it. The HoloLens is based on the augmented reality technology and it will need to be linked to other devices to work.

Another project that was teased during the show was Microsoft’s Spartan, a browser that is regarded as Internet Explorer’s successor. We weren’t able to see an actual demo of the browser, but the presentation looked really promising.

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  1. ITGuy says:

    Wow, this is definitely good news. I’m waiting for Windows 10!!!

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