Google Glass 2: rumors and speculations

Google has stopped the Explorer project, but it promises a lot more for the Google Glass fans. Ever since the Glass project has surfaced on the Internet, it created a lot of buzz, most tech sites writing about their capabilities and how they will revolutionize the world. But the project faded undesirably lately. Users had different thoughts about Google Glass: too ugly, too large, low-capacity battery, poor design, too expensive. Even so, it’s not over yet, since Google is already preparing the 2.0 version of Google Glass. The rumors say that the company has already filed a patent for this project. Eric Schmidt, one of Google executives, say that he’s not thinking of letting this project go (yet).

Meanwhile, Google Glass went beyond the Google X phase, and there is a new man in charge: Tony Fadell. Hopefully, the company has learned from its past mistakes and now they will put greater emphasis on design. At the Google Zeitgeist conference in Britain, Fadell has revealed that the glasses will be completely redesigned. In this regard, Google has strengthened its partnership with the Italian manufacturer of glasses, Luxottica, just to make the next version more enjoyable and stylish.

In terms of new Google Glass v2.0 features, we have very little information. Some of them can be extracted from the patent application. The next version has a cryptic name, “GG1” (which could mean, according to Droid Life, the first commercial version of Google Glass. It is labeled “BLUETOOTH & DTS / UNII a / b / g / n / ac” . Also, writes that Google would replace the Texas Instruments processor with one that’s manufactured by Intel. We’ll probably get more about this project by the end of the year.

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