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Light L16 – an advanced camera

Posted In Gadgets - By Don Hallow On Wednesday, October 14th, 2015 With 0 Comments

Light-L16 camera

A start-up called Light has just launched an unusual camera that might be the next big thing. Light L16 has 16 sensors, each being able to capture 13 Megapixel images. The device has its own software that will combine all information captured from all the 16 sensors and turn them into an image with a resolution of 52 megapixels. That’s a huge photo!


The sensors are divided into three categories: five of them use lenses with equivalent focal length of 35 mm, five are using 70 mm lens, while the remaining 6 have 150 mm lenses. After taking the picture you can adjust the depth of field, focus, exposure and image noise cancellation. Light L16 has a 5-inch touch screen, it is equipped with Wi-Fi mode (allows sharing photos on social networks), it runs Android and it can shoot in 4K format with any of the 16 sensors.

This project may seem attractive but you should know that L16 is not cheap at all. It can be pre-ordered until November 6 at $1,300. After that, its price will reach $1700.

Read an advanced review here

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