Bluetooth USB Volkswagen Type 2 Model Camper Speakers Review


Have you been a little hippie in your youth? Have you ever went on the road during the summer, packing all your friends in an old VW combi covered with multicolored flowers … All those good memories you have with this unique vehicle … All those evenings around a fire camp, deep in the wilderness, listening to music …

Of course, we are living in a different world! Even so, I want to introduce a small accessory vintage style that will remind you of freedom: Bluetooth USB Volkswagen Type 2 Model Camper Speakers. With this gadget, you can listen to your favorite songs with style, everywhere! Wireless, you can connect to your phone via Bluetooth. This is an officially licensed VW product. It features AUX and USB inputs and the packages contains a rechargeable battery. Dimensions: 7.7 x 3 x 3.4 inches

Price: $41.37

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