This is Nintendo Switch, the gaming console (images and trailer)


Nintendo Switch trailer has sparked enthusiasm in the gaming community all over the world. Just 12 hours after the release of the trailer that introduced the new Switch console, social networks got flooded with numerous posts that praised this gadget.

Nintendo Switch – an enhanced version of Nintendo Wii U

Most users agreed that Nintendo Switch is an enhanced version of Nintendo Wii U which has fewer options and it is portable. There were also funny comments to the trailer video, some gamers declaring that they are delighted that the new console still has headphone jack, while the new iPhone quit this option.

Nintendo Switch trailer video

Nintendo Switch can easily turn from a gaming console into a portable gadget that can be transported easily in your backpack. It also has removable micro-controllers, so it can be used by multiple players simultaneously.

Nintendo Switch release date

The new gaming gadget will be launched in March 2017.


What is your opinion on the new gaming console from Nintendo? Is it worth your money?

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