MUSIC ANGEL Levitating Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speakers Multicolor LED Floating Levitation Speaker with Microphone Review

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Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speakers – Your music floats in the air!

With this cool gadget, your music floats in the air literally. This anti-gravity portable wireless bluetooth speaker is levitated above the base. In a soothing rotation, it will broadcast your favorite tracks at the highest possible quality. You can stream your favorite songs directly from your smartphone via Bluetooth! It will connect to any other desired device: smartphone, tablet, computer …


You receive a call while you listen to a song? No worries, this anti-gravity portable wireless bluetooth speaker also features an integrated microphone that is perfect for voice calling. Pretty convenient to move from talk to music in background, right?! Its small size allows you to take it everywhere with you! On vacation, during a weekend trip, to your parents’ house…

Price: $85

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