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Crazy and Unusual Vending Machines

Posted In Gadgets - By Don Hallow On Monday, February 13th, 2017 With 0 Comments

Burrito Vending machin

Burrito Vending machine via
Are you hungry? If you are lucky, you will find one of these burrito vending machine in a city near you!

Pizza Vending Machine

Let’s Pizza vending machine
This machine will cook a pizza for you in no time. Italian food on the go!

French fries Vending machine
I’m not sure if this vending machine is produced at a large scale, but I am sure it will gain popularity in our offices here.


Hamburger Vending Machine via

Oh yes! A hamburger vending machine to ease your hunger.

Caviar Vending Machine

Caviar Vending Machine by

This machine is probably fancied in Las Vegas and Hollywood. I’m not sure I have enough money to afford caviar right now!

Cupcake ATM by Sprinkles

Take one before you go to work! It will make your day happier. This vending machine is created by Sprinkles.

Champagne Vending machine

This video wonderfully depicts the way this vending machine delivers the champagne bottle to you. Pretty neat, right?

Caviar Vending Machine

Gold Bar Vending machine

Gold Bar Vending Machine via and

This machine is for the rich! I doubt that ordinary people will need to buy a small bar of gold from a vending machine while they are on the go.

Jelly Beans Vending machine

Jelly Beans Vending machine via

Sweets? Sure, this is just what you need!

Japanese Dentsu Garden Vending Machines via Dentsu

Japanese Dentsu Garden Vending Machines via Dentsu

This machine was created in Japan by Dentsu. It is a portable farm that can grow up to 60 heads of lettuce everyday without sunlight. It’s the perfect machine for apocalypse preppers.

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