CS918 / Q7 Android Mini PC TV Box won’t start / boot problem. How to fix it

I own a CS918 / Q7 Android Mini PC TV Box for couple of years now. Until now, it never let me down, and there were months when it was on non stop, 24/24 hours, 7 days a week. But recently, I have encountered a problem that was (and still is annoying).

CS918 / Q7 problem:

Every time the electrical power went down in the entire house, or when I unplug the CS918 / Q7 Android Mini PC TV Box by removing the power cable, it fails to start. In my attempt to power on the TV box, I press the power button, the red light around the button appears, it disappears quickly and … that’s it. No boot, nothing!

Normally, after pressing the power button, the red light appears and it turns blue, which means that the device is running. I have tried multiple ways of fixing it, reinstalling the OS included, but nothing worked – the device was not recognized by RKBatchTool v1.6. I also tried a reset, the same results. So, here’s what it did worked.

Fixing CS918 / Q7 startup boot problem

This may seem like a stretch, but here’s what worked for me.
1. The first time I found a startup fix, I have connected the device to a laptop and I have pressed the Recovery button and the power button, which turned blue – meaning that the android box started correctly. This method worked like a charm couple of times. Unfortunately, for an unknown reason, one day it stopped working. So I have discovered the second method.
2. I have tried the angriest method I could think of at that moment. I have pressed the power button repeatedly and I waited for few seconds, until it turned blue. This may not work the first time, have patience and repeat the process. But this method also failed on me one week ago: after 10 minutes of pressing the power button repeatedly, the device failed to start. So I gave it up!
3. I have decided that the device is dead and I switched it with my MK808B, a device with lower specs that gave me a similar problem in the past (but that’s another story). Yesterday, I have decided that MK808B was just too slow for my bedroom TV so I said “what the heck! maybe I am lucky!”. So I tried to start the broken CS918 / Q7 Android Mini PC TV Box again without any HDMI cable attached. Guess what: it worked! The button turned blue at first try. Up to this moment, I can’t say if the solution was letting it rot for few days or the unattached HDMI cable. But it did worked.

I know for a fact that cutting the power from the device abruptly causes these problems. The installed OS has no shut-down option, only a restart and sleep options. So in order to shut it down correctly, I have to restart it and remove the power cord after the systems shuts down and the restart begins. I have observed that if I manage to shut it down this way, it will restart normally next time.

The CS918 / Q7 Android TV startup / boot problem could be because of a hardware failure, but so far, I manage to work around it. This is a great device, and I hope that this quick-fix help you guys. Let me know if it works for your or if you have found other solutions to the problem.

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  • Lonno says:

    I’ve been looking for a way to revive my old android box and nothing worked so far. Thanks for sharing this article, it really helped me!

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