All Yahoo eMail accounts were hacked!

After 4 years, Yahoo recognizes that hackers have accessed all of its users’ accounts. In other words, personal data of all Yahoo! emails have been stolen by hackers in the largest cyber attack in history. The incident occurred back in 2013, due to a security breach that was later acknowledged by Yahoo.

Initially, the company estimated that one million accounts were hacked. But now this report has been reviewed and restored at the request of Verizon, the company that bought Yahoo! this year.

The conclusion is incredible: all Yahoo accounts were hacked. We are talking about a total of over 3 billion accounts. We can conclude that hackers have personal data of a lot of people, almost half of the planet’s population. If you have an Yahoo account, it is probably the best moment to change the password.

Stolen data includes information like usernames, passwords used, phone numbers, and date of birth. Verizon has called for the incident to be reconsidered as a result of information received from outside the company. Earlier this year, the US Department of Justice said that Russian hackers are responsible for Yahoo! data breach.

via CNN

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