LunaR Solar Smartwatch – Hybrid Mechanical

This is LunaR, the world’s first solar powered smartwatch. It seems that the hybrid era is far from over, and our unfitness to draw conclusions brings us to unmapped territory of compromise. It first stated with cars and we are currently discussing about hybrid watches. We are approaching a form of gadgets that are battery efficient and are all about high autonomy. The most former case arrives with LunaR Solar Hybrid Mechanical Smartwatch. Lunar is all about taste & style, but actually, it is a smartwatch that is powered by the sun. In other words, you don’t really need to carry those annoying chargers and cables with you all day long.

This solar smartwatch was just released on Kickstarter, and it claims to be one of a kind, different from anything you have seen so far. The manufacturers are promoting the project as the “world’s first invisible solar cell watch face”. If you manage to dive deep into its roots, you will find that its creators were able to create it through an exclusive partnership with Sunpartners, a company that offers solar tech solutions.

At first glance, LunaR offers that classic wristwatch design. But don’t get fooled by it. It also features most of the features that are available on current smartwatches on the market.

With this solar watch, you will be able to track all your daily activities, your sleep patterns, your daily progress and daily activity goals. The device can alert you when you need to have a walk in the sun or when it needs to be charged.

What’s interesting is the charging time. According to the manufacturers, this solar smartwatch is going from 0 to full battery in just one hour of sunlight exposure. Even more, they are promising that LunaR can retain 60 days of use with just one hour of sunlight exposure. I would definitely love to test this claim.

This is the moment when you are probably asking yourself what happens if there is no direct sunlight available? It seems that the photo-voltaic cells included in this timepiece are sensible even to ambient light. It will charge even indoors. There is an iOS and Android app available for LunaR users, so they will be able to sync with the watch and see daily progress

You can find LunaR Hybrid Mechanical Smartwatch on KickStarter for $269.

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