7 Reasons why I hate Xiaomi MiBox Android TV Box

Xiaomi MiBox Android TV Box

As you already know, I am a big fan of Android TV Box devices, and yesterday I got my Xiaomi MiBox 3 Android TV Box. The reason why I bought MiBox is that it had great reviews and its simple design resembled Apple’s TV. Also, Xiaomi has a great reputation for building spectacular products. But, although this product is far from bad, it’s also far from perfect and there are few things you should know before buying it.

Here are 7 Reasons why I hate Xiaomi MiBox Android TV Box

xiaomi mi box launcher

1. You are stuck with the default launcher

It runs Android TV OS. Of course, if you like a simpler design you may enjoy the home screen, but it comes with limitations. And there’s no way to change it so you better find a way to like it and get used to it.

xiaomi mi box app store

2. The app store has limited apps.

There is an app store for Android TV Os but man… I was not able to find a decent app there. It reminded me of Apple’s Store for Apple TV. Few apps, nothing that interests me. Of course, you can side-load almost any app you need but it’s not an easy process. Also, the Chrome Browser was not available in ATV Store.

xiaomi mi box sideloading apps

3. Sideloading apps is not that easy

Sideloading apps is a mess. First, you need to install ES File explorer, use it to search for an APK on the internet and install it manually. There is a chance that the APK might not work properly or it may not work at all. Also, if it gets installed properly, you may notice that there is no way to access it. You need another app called Sideload / Launcher App installed from the ATV Playstore. I noticed that the whole process of installing an app is simpler if you use Aptoide. Also, some apps may not run in landscape mode and you need to install The Rotation Screen Orientation App.

xiaomi mi box remote controll

4. The remote is great … sort of.

Getting an Android Box with a remote that’s simple and it also features a microphone is definitely an teasing idea. But man, while setting this box up, I have discovered that MiBox’s remote is far from perfect. I was not able to use the microphone while I searched for APK’s in Google, browsing web pages with the remote is a mess and … the Power button does not power off the TV. Yes, it does power of/sleep the android device, but the TV remained switched on. This means that I had to use the TV’s remote to switch it off. And that’s not cool, Xiaomi!

5. Adding a mouse is a painful experience

Since I was so frustrated with the remote during the installation process, I added a mouse to the box. Although it is supported, it is limited to few actions. You will not be able to use the onscreen keyboard – mainly because it works only with the remote. So, I had to improvise here and there. One thing is certain: if you are a heavy user, you can’t operate this box only with the mouse. But you can’t operate it only with the remote either. Figure that.

xiaomi mi box memory and ports

6. Limited memory, limited ports, limited WiFi

Since it has only 8GB of RAM that’s mostly used by the preinstalled apps, you will need a way to expand the storage capacity via USB Stick or USB HDD. But this box has a single USB port. It will be impossible to add an USB Mouse and an External HDD at the same time. Also, the WiFi is not that good. Compared with my H96 Pro Plus, I would say that MiBox is not better in a room where H96 has 70% WiFi signal from my router. And I had so high hopes for it, especially since I was viewing reviewers on Youtube praising its WiFi connection. For me, the experience of using it was just like any other Android Box without an external antenna.

7. I hate that I need to sell Xiaomi MiBox and get a better device.

I had high hopes for Xiaomi Mibox and, judging by its design and features, it was a great candidate for my living room TV. But, after getting the chance to set it and use it for one day, I think that I have done a mistake buying it. Of course, the YouTube experience is flawless, but I wanted this box for other apps that I am usually using. And those apps doesn’t seem to cope with this Android TV Box.

Xiamoi MiBox: Final Verdict

If you are buying this TV Box just for Youtube and Netflix, you should be OK. But if you want to enjoy the complete Android experience, add an external HDD or 3rd party apps, you could be in trouble. Of course, you will find an alternative for anything out there in the wild, but you should be aware of an important thing. This is not a perfect box and you should know what you want it for before buying it.

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